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Frankenmuth School District Newsletter

Please take notice that there will be a Regular Meeting of the Frankenmuth Board of Education on March 13, 2017 at Frankenmuth High School in Room 9 at 6:00PM


Please take notice that there will be a Special Meeting of the Frankenmuth Board of Education on March 13, 2017 at Frankenmuth High School in Room 9 at 5:00PM

The Frankenmuth School District Foundation will begin accepting applications for individual student and teacher/advisor grants for the next cycle beginning January 27, 2017. Applications must be returned to the Frankenmuth School District Office, the main office at List Elementary or Rittmueller Middle School, or the guidance office at the High School no later than Tuesday, April 14th at 4:00PM.

Don't miss your opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful program. Click here for more information on individual student grants and teacher/advisor grants

Beginning January 2016, the Check Registers will be located on the Munetrix page.

Please Click on any of the links below to view the corresponded .pdf document

2015-2016 Check Registers

November 2015 Check Register

October 2015 Check Register

September 2015 Check Register

August 2015 Check Register 

July 2015 Check Register

2015-2016 Account Balances

November 2015 Account Balances

October 2015 Account Balances

September 2015 Account Balances

August 2015 Account Balances

 July 2015 Account Balance


2014-2015 Check Registers

June 2015 Check Register

May 2015 Check Register

April 2015 Check Register

March 2015 Check Register

February 2015 Check Register

January 2015 Check Register

December 2014 Check Register

November 2014 Check Register

October 2014 Check Register

September 2014 Check Register

August 2014 Check Register

July 2014 Check Register




2014-2015 Account Balances 

April 2015 Account Balances

March 2015 Account Balances

February 2015 Account Balances

January 2015 Account Balances

December 2014 Account Balances

November 2014 Account Balances

October 2014 Account Balances

September 2014 Account Balances

August 2014 Account Balances

July 2014 Account Balances


 2013-2014 Check Registers

May 2014 Check Register

April 2014 Check Register

March 2014 Check Register

February 2014 Check Register

January 2014 Check Register

December 2013 Check Register

November 2013 Check Register

October 2013 Check Register

September 2013 Check Register

August 2013 Check Register

July 2013 Check Register

2013-2014 Account Balances

April 2014 Account Balances

February 2014 Account Balances

January 2014 Account Balances

December 2013 Account Balances

November 2013 Account Balances

October 2013 Account Balances

September 2013 Account Balances

August 2013 Account Balances

July 2013 Account Balances

2012-13 Check Registers

June 2013 Check Register

May 2013 Check Register

April 2013 Check Register

March 2013 Check Register

February 2013 Check Register

January 2013 Check Register

December 2012 Check Register

November 2012 Check Register

October 2012 Check Register

September 2012 Check Register

August 2012 Check Register

July 2012 Check Register

2012-13 Account Balances

June 2013 Account Balances

May 2013 Account Balances

April 2013 Account Balances

March 2013 Account Balances

February 2013 Account Balances

January 2013 Account Balances

December 2012 Account Balances

November 2012 Account Balances

October 2012 Account Balances

September 2012 Account Balances

August 2012 Account Balances

July 2012 Account Balances


2011-12 Check Register

January 2011-2012 Check Register

February 2011-2012 Check Register

March 2011-2012 Check Register

May 2011-2012 Check Register

June 2011-2012 Check Register

July 2011-2012 Check Register

September 2011-2012 Check Register

October 2011-2012 Check Register

November 2011-2012 Check Register

December 2011-2012 Check Register


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