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Frankenmuth School District Newsletter


The Frankenmuth School District is seeking nominations for the 2018 Hall of Fame Awards.  Two individuals will be selected to be inducted into the Frankenmuth School District Hall of Fame. 


Board of Education Special Meeting
Tuesday, May 1st @ 7:45AM
FHS Room 9


Background & History

The Frankenmuth School District Foundation was founded in 2001 through generous donations by members of the Frankenmuth Community who wanted to do something more for K-12 education in our area. To continue our tradition of excellence in education here in Frankenmuth, the administration and Board of Education chose to use the foundation to provide grants for enhancement and enrichment opportunities. By-laws were developed and a board of directors was appointed, which consists of three members of the Board of Education, and three members of the school district staff. The Superintendent serves as the non-voting Executive Director of the Foundation.


The board of directors will determine the areas of focus for the Frankenmuth School District foundation. The current focus is to provide financial assistance to individually motivated students and staff who wish to participate in programs and activities that complement and augment their classroom education. This will be done through individual student and staff grants. We may also support other special initiatives that seek to further the overall mission of the Frankenmuth School District and the Frankenmuth School District Foundation.

Other Grant Requests

Other special school related or school sponsored programs and activities may be funded on a case-by-case basis. Interested applicants should contact the Executive Director to discuss potential funding.

Financial Information


The funds for the Frankenmuth School District Foundation are managed and invested by the Greater Frankenmuth Area Community Foundation. All contributions are tax deductible.


If you have any questions about the Frankenmuth School District Foundation, you can contact Superintendent Adele Martin at (989)652-9958.

Or email:

Superintendent -  Mrs. Adele Martin

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