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Frankenmuth School District Newsletter


The Frankenmuth School District is seeking nominations for the 2018 Hall of Fame Awards.  Two individuals will be selected to be inducted into the Frankenmuth School District Hall of Fame. 


Board of Education Special Meeting
Tuesday, May 1st @ 7:45AM
FHS Room 9

Frankenmuth School District

School of Choice Protocol




The Frankenmuth School District (FSD), in accordance with Senate Bill 851 of the 1995-96 School  Aid  Act, has by resolution decided to opt-in to the Schools of Choice Program under Section 105 and Section 105c of the State Aid Act.


Please review the following details regarding Limited School of Choice in the Frankenmuth School District.


Enrollment Dates:

December 18, 2017            Application period begins

January 16, 2018                Application period ends at 3:00 PM


Enrollment openings:

FSD will accept the designated number of students in the following grade:

Grade Nine:                       Minimum of 1 student

How do I enroll my child?

To apply for School of Choice, you may obtain an application from the Frankenmuth School District Administrative Office.  You will need to complete an application for each child you are enrolling.  A signed statement from prior schools verifying no suspensions or expulsions must accompany each application. All enrollment information must be complete in order to be considered for School of Choice. Any misrepresentation or false statements made on the application can subject the student to immediate removal from the Frankenmuth School District.


Are siblings guaranteed enrollment in future years?

Provided vacancies are available, preference will be given to siblings of a currently enrolled student attending FSD under Schools of Choice.


Can my non-resident child be refused enrollment in the Frankenmuth School District?

FSD will refuse enrollment to any non-resident student in any of these circumstances:

a.  Students who have been expelled at any time during their K-11 career.

b.  Students who have been suspended during the last two academic years.

c.  Students who have been convicted of a felony.


How is selection determined?

A random selection system is required if interest exceeds the available positions.  In the event the number of eligible applicants does not exceed available positions, all students must be accepted.


Will FSD provide transportation?

The Frankenmuth School District will not provide transportation to non-resident pupils.  Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation.



Non-Discriminatory clause

Nonresident applicants cannot be accepted or denied enrollment based on the following:  Intellectual, academic, artistic or other ability, mental or physical disability, age**, race, religion, color, national origin, sex, height, weight, marital status, athletic ability, or in violation of any state or federal law prohibiting discrimination.


** Note:  If FSD determines that the class applied for is inappropriate for the age of the student, the district may refuse to enroll that student.



Where do I mail or deliver my child’s application? 


Superintendent Adele Martin
Frankenmuth School District
525 E Genesee
Frankenmuth  MI  48734

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